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Add job Report Needing Unity 2D Programmer for RTS Project at Bassetune Studios

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Posted by Bassetune Studios on

We're looking for a Unity (C#) Programmer for our 2D Project. We're looking for a new lead programmer to continue with an existing project.

Project is an open-world RTS, and is very close to a prototyping (playable) phase. Our existing lead, unfortunately, has no more time for the project, and thus we are in search of a new one who is interested.

Game is purely fantasy based, and we'll be able to give you much more detailed info about the project as we begin to work you into it.

You'll be working with our junior developer, who has been here since the beginning.

Primary skills needed are just being able to work within Unity. But skills within XML are also a plus.

Our list of major goals we'd need you to do is minimal, yet still fairly extensive:
-Edit our current Pathfinding system to account for a few extra features.
-Setup our global map system. You’ll be working off an existing random node-map web generator and existing random map generation system and essentially linking the two together. This includes handling random spawns (which has already been semi-setup) unique to each node’s respective map.
-Further implementation of an existing random spawning algorithm (used to spawn things like enemies randomly across the Map).
-Making sure to Save and Record all respective aspects of what was mentioned above.
-Handling our XML database- database is created, but we’ll need to be integrating it. This includes all various things from units to abilities and so forth. Will also need to handle implementing an object’s unique attributes we cannot take care of within XML.
-Various Content Implementation (to be done once our XML has been integrated).
-Various Saving and Recording of all respective aspects of the database info mentioned above.
-Various Performance Enhancements.
-Potential for various misc things, such as further UI work.
-Setting up a Menu system.

We have a considerable amount of things done already- however I must warn ahead of time we have quite a bit of unclean code, which may be fairly overwhelming for a new developer on the project.

Let me know your rates per hour, and we'll see if we can work out a good deal between both of us. Royalties are also included.

If interested, send an email to: eldwin11929@yahoo.com


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2d, csharp, rts, unity, xml
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