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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

Posted by NEWT Industries, Inc. on

Since at all, I am looking for Music arranger to arrange some music for my game, like what DEMIR has did. Unlike these ones. But of course, I need you to make it fully instrumental using the various samples not from old computers of course.

Arranger works like a normal arranger which I heard about some soundtracks of Earthworm jim are arranged from Genesis or SNES into High quality instruments as same happened to Jaguar version of Rayman and Even Mickey Mania for PS1. And Genesis Version of Sonic 3D was different in Saturn Version.

So, I'm looking for you, excatly what it needs. You can compare the MIDI-done song with arranged song. which is done not using any beats not using breakbeat or any commodore 64 samples. Just because I want to know the Orchestral Arrangement from the MIDI done.

Of course you can make any demo from your computer and arrange it! It's easy. I'm tired with these breakbeat samples or any commore 64 samples. Just I want to hear what is Rayman 1 sound like or Even Earthworm Jim!

So. That's all for now. Good Luck!

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