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Add job Looking for Several Roles to work on an Action-Adventure Game (Detective) at Anywhere

Artists located Anywhere.

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Hey everyone!

Thank you for taking your time to read this, truly appreciated.

My name is Myra and I had recently graduated in Game Design (I’m 25 years old), and currently work in the Financial Sector (mostly in the investments area). I will be looking to switch my career from Finance to Game Development, and consequently I’m looking to build a portfolio.

My degree curriculum in Game Design had covered the Game Design itself, Creative Writing, Level Design and Programming, so I can support on all areas of the above. I’ve mainly seen Unity and Unreal Engine in action, so happy to work with either.

I understand, that people are busy with jobs or uni (I have a job myself), so this project is on a hobby basis (I’m not going to ask you to contribute tons of hours a week, so it’ll be up to us to work around your schedule). Because it’s a hobby/portfolio building, this project won’t be paid. All your work will be credited and I encourage you to put your name on anything you created.

However, should we, by any means, take it more seriously and decide to find financing after building a vertical slice or a prototype, and be lucky to obtain financing for the game, then of course I’d be looking to reimburse the work done.

Until then it’s entirely up to you to participate as much as you’re willing. (For example, I will be dedicating all of my free time into this, but then again, I won’t be asking others to do the same, since it’s a hobby).

As for the project - I’m currently working on its concept document, but I can answer quite a few questions beforehand. I had always been fond of the Detective/Mystery Genre and am aiming in building a game around that setting. So, if you like playing Detective/Mystery Games or even reading books of that genre, let’s team up and see what we can build!

I’d be looking to find a writer, a game designer (to work alongside me on the game design and the project documentation), a couple of 2D artists, and a Sound Engineer/Composer. I’m capable of programming and creating basic 3D myself (I’m currently taking some additional courses in 3D modelling along with Animation), but would be looking for a 3D guy later down the line.

Thanks again!

To Apply

To apply, please send an email to myrahaydn@gmail.com or feel free to reach out via discord: Haydn#4441

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