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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Anywhere on

I would like someone to create some levels, using premade or self created assets. This doesn't have to be playable, maybe even just for the viewing pleasure. As long as it is on the Unreal Engine.

The setting for the game can also be any genre as the preference I am going to use will be dependable on how good peoples levels are, I will not mind if someone uses other peoples assets, as long as they are letting you use their assets as long as you say that you did not make them.

Nevertheless I am more focused on the map design rather than the details and the models, because the structure of the game is something I think is rather important.

So to summarise I am expecting to see:

- A Level Map
- Using Unreal Engine
- With A small Paragraph on what it is
- Some Lore and description of what the map would be
- At least have more than one self created thing.

As this is voluntary, anyone who is doing work experience will be free to give me some of these assets too. :)

You do not need any qualifications to do it neither, as it can be unfair that people are expecting you to do experience even though everyone wants experience.

Hope I can see all of your work :)

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No need to apply, would just like inspiration.

send your work to clxleveldesigners@gmail.com

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