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Programmers located Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

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We’re of course are an Independent Development Group or as people refer to as an Indie Studio that makes Games. We’re called Cup of Tea Games and we’re a starter group looking for people who are interested in committing their time and expertise into creating games and media entertainment and subsequently making money out of it. Keep in mind that we rely on a Revenue Share Model for now with plans to later grow into a monthly pay if everything goes according to plan. So if you’re perfectly fine with that then keep reading. This Ad is targeted to individuals who’s main priority is to get things out there and to be skilled in the specific skill set that we seek to aid in the completion of the game.

As for the game that we are currently developing, it is a rather medium scaled horror game consisting of different levels and stages consisting of bizarre and natural environments within dreams of the individual. The name of this project is called Project Dream.

If you’d like to know more about the game’s style and approach you can check out our pitch trailer


– Assist the active Lead Programmer with creating Game Mechanics, GUI systems, Inventory Systems, Save Systems, character behaviour, and more.

– Communicate effectively with the team to fulfill weekly tasks done in teams as well as actively utilize the established version control software. (Git)

– Attend bi-weekly group meetings to organize tasks.


– Strong work ethics. Must be able to maintain consistent progress without constant supervision.

– Strong proficiency of C# and Object Orientated Programming.

- Knowledge of standardized naming conventions (Variable/Method/Class naming)

– Proficiency in Version Control software as well as IDEs such as but not limited to Visual Studio and MonoDevelop

– Must be able to communicate and maintain grammatical consistence in English.

– A love and passion for games.

Preferences (Programs we use)

- IDE : Visual Studio 2015

– Version Control : GitHub/SourceTree

– Unity 5


First of, we know how it is to join a team and have absolutely no idea what to do or have a vague understanding of what to do. So to solve that we have to-do lists and means of communication that connects the whole team together. Since we’re human and have a life to live, we have flexible schedules that could adjust to your lifestyle although we have weekly meetings so be ready for that. So as soon as you join and depending what’s your predetermined destiny, you’ll instantly have things to do. Time Zone is GMT(-4) generally and we do weekly meetings via Skype on Mondays and Fridays. The rest is specified via interview.

Extra Info

If you’re still interesting and like to know more about us before applying. We have a Super Sophisticated Website you can pay a visit to : Cupofteagames.com

Keep in mind that although we’re officially starting out as an official group, that does not mean we’re inexperienced with things like Team Management, Game Production, PR Management, etc. We’re currently a group of 8 people and have worked separately with other groups or companies and have our own experience there. We’re looking to expand the family to those who have the passion of making games and hopefully have an interesting sense of humor. So if you think you’re ready to take us on then what we do is that we’ll read your CV, resume or equivalent, send an email back to you in the case that you meet the criteria, then have a skype call (Not necessarily video) to get to know you!

To Apply

Simply send a CV/Resume or lengthy description as to why join at : br.cupofteagames@gmail.com

It is required that you explain the purpose of contacting Cup of Tea Games. Otherwise, your application will not be entitled to fill basic criteria in which is necessary for consideration. (Please include your skype details too.)

Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere
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