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Posted by SlTA on

Sita Digital Media is seeking for a character designer for human characters. I'm a single developer who is hiring a small team of game developers. Since I soon will begin the production, I am ready to start my Kickstarter project.

- You have a Discord account, so we can discuss some ideas about the characters etc.
- You have to create rigged models of human characters on Blender or Maya
- The models you make are able to make facial expressions
- You are open to hear new suggestions, ideas and concepts.
- Because I will soon launch the Kickstarter project, you have no problem working on it for at least 2 or days 3 a week.

- Your name will (obviously) be mentioned in the credits under "Animation and Character Modelers"

Since I am a new company starting from zero, this is an unpaid job. After launching the Kickstarter project, you will get paid for your work if it generates profit.

Send me an e-mail with the reason why I should hire you, then we will discuss the main things and I will send you the concepts and sketches of the characters.

See you soon.

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Send your motivation to sitja@outlook.com

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