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Level Designers located Online.

Posted by dubzon on

We are basically looking for programmers, coders and designers to join our new project that me and my friend have started, to create a Battlefront 2 type of game, aka a shooter with ground to space combat mechanics... It is quite a broad idea with many avenues we can go down which is exciting, we will be using the unreal engine for the base.

We have been inspired by the fact that EA Are now closing down their updates for Their version of the game Battlefront 2, so we decided to see if we can envision and create a better one so to speak with enthusiastic fanatics and people all around, we will be making a StarWars Mod for the game also, to finally fit the bill and see if we can pull it off!

This is not a paid project nor is it promising anything as of yet... However we are enthusiastic about it and we are looking for people who have that same kind of mindset about games nowadays, and wanting to make them better!

A Discord server is up for communication also, we are just starting out so don't expect much but ideas at this point, we are gathering people for the moment and we aim for this to be a slow and relaxed project.

Ok well thnx for reading hope to hear from some of you soon.

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Send a msg to these emails: HarleyYoung1998@outlook.com or

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