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Posted by IAO Games on

Greetings! I am looking for an environment artist with some experience of creating tilesets for 2d raster art games.

I have several existing tilesets already in use which are in need of improvements and edits, mainly to give a more seamless look and improve details and textures. I've been working on this project for almost two years as a lead developer, with help from a sprite artist so I am confident that having a new environment artist's fresh take on the tiles that make up our levels will breathe much life into things.

Rufanzia - Dark Forest East

About bit our game:
*'Rufanzia' (working title) is a non-linear 2D platformer / metroidvania, set in a world of gothic adventure.

*Retro action-platformer with light RPG elements.

*Real-time combat with a wide range of melee' weapons, and element-based magic.

*Non-linear approach to progression, player choices set the pace and outcome of events, includes sub-quests and some backtracking to unlock new areas.

*Power-ups that reward exploration rather than repetitive grinding.

*Cross platform, though the magic of html5 & node.js

The game uses 64x64px tiles, with levels being created using Tiled editor.
Some experience of creating seamless tilesets in this way would be a huge benefit.

Compensation will be on a per-task basis, as agreed with you over email, with one task likely being one tileset (we can work through each game levels tiles one after the other).I can't afford big studio rates but will pay on time time via paypal and can promise no rushed deadlines.

To Apply

Please send an indedb PM, contact me on twitter @iao_dev or email contact@iaogames.com

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