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Programmers located USA.

Posted by H4v0c21 on

This is a fan project. The goal is to create an engine that emulates the all the mechanics from the SNES games Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3. The purpose is to create a easy to use and work with engine for fans to create levels and assets and for some fan games that have been planned for some time. This project is completely non profit and is for people who have a true passion for the original Donkey Kong Country Series. The most important goal is for this engine to be as close if not identical to the SNES original (With some quality of life improvements). This project is just a concept as of now and needs programmers with enough experience to make a basic 2D game engine. A specific programming language has not been decided on just yet. Right now the team consists of only one member. The things the engine needs right now is pretty much everything.
Starting with basic hitboxes and user input. There also needs to be quite a bit of data and value documentation from the original game. Primarily through emulators with debug tools or though frame analysis. Some other applications for the engine would be a level editor, user levels downloadable from a server, and the ability to use custom assets such as custom sprites or level tiles.

To Apply

To apply send an email to the following: kongengineteam@gmail.com

In the email you should provide the following:
Current PC OS (eg. Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu)
Age, Time Zone, Name, Preferred Programming Language, Gender/ Preferred Pronoun, Anything else you feel I should know or anything really.

I'll take a look at what you have and reply as soon as I can.

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