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Posted by Overgrown on

Overgrown Studios is currently seeking a full-time generalist programmer for the in-development game, Farm Folks. This will be a full-time paid position with high quality expected.

- 5+ years programming experience (in any language)
- C++ experience
- Demonstrated Experience with UE4 (sample required)
- Capable with Blueprint
- Love of casual and simulator style games
- Passion for gaming
- Willing and eager to work WITH the existing team in order to achieve the
core project deliverables
- Pragmatic approach to programming with regards to shipping complex projects
in a timely fashion
- Strong desire to succeed and willingness to collaborate and communicate

- Previously shipped game (indie or otherwise)
- Strong troubleshooting skills
- Independent (don’t need to be micro-managed)

Do Not Apply If:
- You are an outsource/team
- You’re just looking for a paycheck
- You have no interest in casual/cutesy games
- You are not a programmer (please no offers from

Project Breakdown:
Farm Folks has been previously worked on for over a year and a half. We have a strong team of talented individuals, including an incredible 3D artist/animator, our story writer, and team leader. All of us have a deep love and passion, not only for this game in particular, but the genre as a whole (casual games and farm sims). We have every desire to create a deep, story rich game with strong elements of retention and a solid gameplay loop.

We are looking for a generalist programmer who will fit in with our group and help us make our game into reality. Understand that this is a serious project with every intent to ship a quality product.

Information about payment and rates can be discussed once we are contacted.

To Apply

If this project sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please use one of the following forms of contact:
Email: mitch@overgrownstudios.com
Discord: Mitch#7628

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