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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Chess   Eternal Tournament Promo

Hello everyone,

We are a new game studio from Brazil, and are looking for a programmer and 3D Artist from anywhere in the world to help bring our game to life.

About the game

“Chess: Eternal Tournament” is a multi-player online strategy game, using the core mechanics of chess, in a way never seen before with elements from the most popular competitive games such as Mobas (Dota 2 and League of Legends) and Collectible Card Games (Magic: The gathering and Hearthstone).

With these new mechanics we hope to provide an even more challenging and complex game than chess, with countless opportunities for creative strategies and diverse matches, making each game feel unique and exiting without relying on RNG.

Besides gameplay mechanics, the game will have a rich lore that encompasses everything that is going on in the matches and beyond. The game will also have a number of unique and interesting characters, such as a new type of character that is not among the traditional chess pieces and represents the player in the game, for players that like to feel connected and immersed in the world. At a later stage we will implement single player campaigns that will further elaborate and expand on that concept.

Specific gameplay mechanics and artworks will only be provided for people that are working on the project for now.

Market Relevance

The competitive gaming scene is in higher demand than ever before, with games such as Auto Chess growing in popularity over night. With “Chess: Eternal Tournament” we hope to bring a new competitive game that will be of ease access to anyone in the world, free to play, no pay to win and the lowest possible amount of randomness so every match won or lost might feel earned and not so frustrating.


  • Portfolio or any way to prove that you can actually do the work required, being it 3D modeling and texturing or programing.
  • Knowledge and experience in Unity, being able to implement gameplay mechanics and overall understanding of game design (for programmers).
  • Speak English or Portuguese.
  • Be passionate about what you will be doing and enjoy the project!

Extras: If you only work on Unreal Engine and are interested on the project anyway, we can work out the details and maybe move the game to Unreal.

Contract and agreements

As of yet we don't have any funds for the project, we will begin our crowdfunding process on patreon and in Brazil shortly. Initially all the money will go to the development team until we have enough to pay your set wage and actually finish and release the game.

We have a team working without remuneration on the spare time to try and make a demo to provide possible supporters with a better idea of what the game will be, so if you want to work on the project right away and speed up the process or provide a better chance of founding or even finish the game as soon as possible we can work out an individual agreement and it will be up to you.

Current team

Dave Campelo - 3D artist

Sidney Melo - Programmer / Game designer

Andressa Kaori - 2D Artist / Concept artist / Illustrator

Marcos Caldas - 2D artist / Concept Artist / Illustrator

Raul Tribuzi - Market manager / Web Designer / Social Media Manager / Graphic Designer

Dimitri Arruda - Gameplay mechanics designer / writer

Andre Beckman - Programmer / Community Manager / Gameplay Mechanic Designer

Diego - Programmer / Community Manager

Arthur Tribuzi - Project Director / Game Designer /gameplay mechanics designer / Concept art/Illustrator / writer.

Filipe and Chris (Atom Music Lair) - Original Soundtrack composers and music producers


If you want to join our team and work on this project or want to know more information please send us an email at devteam@r2pg.com.br or send me a message on discord at Ialdabaoth(Arthur)#9652.

Thanks a lot for your time, we look forward to hearing from you!

Prancheta 6

To Apply

Send your portfolio to devteam@r2pg.com.br

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