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Add job (C++) FreeGLUT Programmers Who Want To Work On A Game Engine at Lumpology

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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by vixlump on

Hello my name is Cohen ter Heide and I am the director of a small company called Lumpology.

I am looking to get a team of independent C++ hobbyists who can collaborate with me and a small team to make FreeGLUT components for a new graphics engine.

This this Graphics Engine is called Aspectu GL, and will be a component of the new FC-1 based game engine called Flight Deck GE.

The goal of the group would be to create a framework for FC-1 in C++ and Open GL that would be able to run the powerful graphics needed to maintain the game engine.

This is not intended to take up a million years of your time, you can collaborate when you want to as you want to for as long as you want to.

My goal is to have a community maintained game engine that actively collaborates with developers for features.

Most of the framework is already there so there will not be much "from the ground up coding" so to speak.

It may also be handy to familiarize your self with FC-1 along the way(FC-1 is not a public programming language so I will help with that of course)

Also as a guarantee, I will pledge any money made by the game engine to be distributed evenly among the team members.

Hope this is interesting to anyone!

Cheers Guys!

To Apply

Please send me an email to support@lumpology.com if you are interested!
Alternatively you can contact me on Discord at Lumpology#7292

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