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Posted by Unnamed Indie Team on

Hello, my name is Alexander, I am looking for a programmer knowledgeable in C# programming for the Unity engine. I am working on a 3D maze game that's about navigating a multiple different mazes were only one path is safe and all others lead to instant death. I have made a pre-alpha of the game with one level and a main menu, but my skills are in 3D modeling and not so much in programming(understatement of the year LOL). So now I am gathering a team to rely start working on this game. If you think your programming skills are a good fit for this project email me and I will respond as soon as possible so we can discuss the project in further detail. I am also possibly looking for a lighting artist so if you or someone you know has those skills, let me know.

Skill Requirements:
* C# programming
* Experience with Unity
* Willing to work at least once a week on the project
* Friendly attitude

If you have any additional questions about the kind of work you would be doing please email me.

Let make a kick ass game and have fun doing it to!

To Apply

Send me your position request via email at alexanderbaker957@gmail.com

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