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Add job [Beginner] Illustrator/Animator needed for small team 2D action platformer at Anywhere

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Dovakat on

Dear artists,

Mystic Games is a small indie studio based in France, where 6 game designers, developers, visual and sound artists are currently working on their first game, Morphing. A game that started as a school project two years ago, but now aims at becoming a fully developped game with its own universe.

Morphing is a action platformer based on a fantasy universe where the player will venture though a wide variety of levels, temples and ruins to achieve an ambitious quest : restore harmony and balance between the people of the world. The gameplay uses the ability of the hero to morph into three different classes in order to defeat enemies, bosses and solve puzzles. The story is made to include various characters with their own design and dialogues.

It should also be reminded that being a member of the studio, you have a right (and are very welcomed!) to give your opinion on every other part of the game, that being the story, the music, or game mechanics. You will leave your touch on this game.

Wanna help out this initiative? We are looking for a 2D graphic designer, illustrator or animator willing to share his talent and bring our beloved project to life.

Missions and skills (not everything is required, but strongly needed) :

- Appropriate the already existing Morphing game art

- Imagine designs for characters, NPCs and creatures/enemies and make drawings out of them

- Create animations for the player/entities or cutscenes

- No prior experience needed but an entry level in drawing, Adobe, Illustrator or After Effects is welcomed

- Dedicate around 4 hours a week, and partake in meetings at least once a month (meetings will be made according to time-zones limitations)

- Be motivated and willing to give your own advice on every other aspect of the game

- Be willing to work with people from other countries (every person has a basic or strong level of english in our studio)

- Must be using Discord for communication and project coordination

Link for the Alpha

In order for you to better understand the style of Morphing, you might want to play this 20 min alpha. The game is currently in french but you should be able to get through the first levels, and study the game art.

Morphing (Alpha 1.1)

To Apply

Are you thrilled by this initiative? Contact me at beheydiego@gmail.com where you will make a very brief presentation of yourself and your goals. You will then receive access to the studio's Discord where we will organize a job interview with some of the lead managers.

We will be receiving you with immense pleasure, don't be shy and we hope to see you soon !