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What happens if you go hunting in your free time and suddenly strange things happen? If you are suddenly attacked out of nowhere by so innocent beings?

What happens if your hometown is haunted by strange events?

What happens if you can not enter your own home anymore because the government is trying to keep everything secret? A

what happens when you learn that your baby daughter has been kidnapped by nonhuman soldiers and the only way to save her is the way in which you must travel through time, risking your life and everything in your power standing still to change that?

Find out by becoming part of our team!

We offer:
- a friendly, open team
- a pleasant way of working
- You decide when and how to do your job
- individual votes in relation to the tasks
- You have the opportunity to help shape the project with your ideas

What do we expect from you?
- Basic experience in your field of activity
- Openness and a friendly demeanor
- Reliability
- good and quick accessibility
- conscientious completion of your duties

What are we looking for?

- Marketing / Community Manager for building a fanbase, social media marketing and contact to content creator of various Internet platforms, anyway writing developer diaries

- Programmer (C ++ / UE 4 blueprints) for the implementation of the game mechanics and the bug fixing within the Unreal Engine 4

- Modeler and / or animatior for various high quality character models and other 3D models within the game world

- UI designer for the interface of the game within the Unreal Engine 4

- Concept artists for different creatures, buildings and backgrounds

To Apply

Just send an email at redmemoriesgames@outlook.com

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