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Posted by Hakobe on

What's all this?

If you're reading this post you're obviously wondering what all the job listings are about. A group of friends and I working on a new project called "Blue Forest" our main goal is to capture the magic and feel of the original Animal Crossing game as well as put our own twist on it. We have a very talented 3D modeller, Concept Artist, Music Composer, Writers, and Coders however our team is still lacking some very important members!

As you can tell from the title currently, we are in need of:

  • Rigger preferably experienced in Maya to set up a base skeleton for our animators as well as creating unique skeletons for special characters in the game.
  • Animator preferably experienced in Maya to bring these 3D models to life and create base animations and maybe a couple of unique ones for special characters in the game
  • Texture Artist who is familiar with setting up materials in the unreal engine and texturing 3D models in substance or whatever your preferred program of choice is
  • UI/UX designer who understands how to make a simple, appealing and easy to navigate UI for the player to use in-game along the lines of Animal Crossing new horizons

What's the game about?

You take control of your own customized character and live life in a village you just arrived in and meet villagers with varying and unique personalities exploring, decorating the village, your own home, discovering the wildlife and vegetation that is unique to the night time. We are aiming for a gameplay loop very similar to Animal Crossing

  • Target platform currently is exclusively PC

To Apply

contact me on discord @ Hakobe#2304 if you have more questions or wish to apply and show your work

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