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A game in mid development is looking for writers and narrative designers to help whith the game story and design the game narrative. the game we are making is a 3d action adventure with 1-2 hours of gameplay where we focus on quality.

We are looking for writers who can work with an unfinished story and help building it and push this project to it's release.

The style of the story follows the principle of minimalism , we are looking to make the players an active participant in building the story . it is story full of hidden meanings and secrets. so you will be required to be an active participant in the design process , you will not only get to build a story , but you will also get to work on presenting the story to the player in an elegant, minimalist and creative manner.
the principle of minimalist stories consists of giving the players only the necessairy information to make his/her own version of the story. so it involves lots of thinking, brainstorming ideas and communication.

Our team welcomes all participant and of course we accept members who can work remotely.

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please contact me via email if you are interested by this opportunity : achrafgarai@hotmail.com

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