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Posted by kurishiri on

Hi! I'm looking to enter an upcoming visual novel jam, Ace Jam, in its second round. Ace Jam is a one-month jam spanning throughout the month of January where developers produce and publish a visual novel featuring asexual character(s).

Right now, I have an idea on the story; it is called Arabesque. Below is a brief (and my attempt at a hooking) synopsis.

❝ Are you bored? Is this black and white world what you really desire? Don't you want something more interesting? Then... let's play a game. ❞

Nill wishes for a more eventful life. Ever since his older brother's death, he felt like the world had suddenly become monotonous. That is, until he receives a call, proposing a simple game.
He will be paired up with someone at random, and as partners, fuse talents in one week together to create something colorful.

❝ ... I accept. ❞

[!] WARNINGS: Mentions of suicide, death of loved ones, and bullying.

Aside from Nill, there are three other characters:
(1) Virina - a seemingly cold hearted young girl... is that really all there is to this sensational artist though?
(2) Fey - a cherubic singer with a not-so-hidden mischievous streak. "Too much" is virtually nonexistent for him.
(3) Lexi - wrapped up in enigma, nobody knows their motives nor their thoughts regarding this "game".

* NOTE: Only Virina and Fey will have individual character routes; Lexi is a side character, but they still play a fair role in the story.

* Listed from highest to lowest priority.

- ARTISTS, preferably those who have anime style. Artists can choose to do (a) character art, a.k.a sprites, (b) CG or illustration art, (c) backgrounds, and/or (d) graphics, such as interface, banners, and logo.

- COWRITER, someone with at least some experience in writing romance and has a creative mind (because there probably won't be a very concrete outline). Oh, also knowledge of and/or identifying within the asexuality and/or LGBTQ+ spectrum is a great plus to have.

- OTHER. If you don't see your specialty above, but you still feel interested in helping out, then feel free to send me a message anyway, and we'll see.

This project, Arabesque, will be released for free. Therefore, I can only give a small or medium amount of monetary payment. I am mainly looking for people who are willing to work for a flexible price that is not beyond my small budget if not for free.
Any monetary payment though, if agreed upon by both of us, will be given via PayPal.
If we get along together in this game, we may work together again for a bigger, commercial project so you can receive more payment in money in the future. There is no guarantee though; maybe I'll stick to free projects only. Then again, maybe not.

If the game is not finished, that's okay. It will be released as a "demo", so to speak. However, it goes without saying that I want the team to put in the effort to try to finish it on time. After Jan. 31, you can continue working to make a finished product (which probably won't take long because the game is not very big to begin with, I think), or you can leave the team for this game; I can try to find new people to help finish it then. Either way, there will be no hard feelings on this.

I'm thinking of using Discord and gDrive to communicate and share files with each other, so plan on using these regularly, and this will be coded with the Ren'Py engine and will be available for Windows/PC, macOS, and probably Linux as well.

Any work that you do for this game, you may post publicly onto your portfolio to use as samples for your future endeavors if you want.

Thank you in advance! I look forward to hearing from you! ♠

To Apply

Send an email to mewlettuce4@gmail.com with a little bit about yourself and relevant samples of your previous work or your portfolio.

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