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Do you have a passion for game development? Do you want to create fun, exciting, innovative, and thoughtful games? Do you want to help develop a horror based game that aims to leave an emotional impact on the player through storytelling?

If you answered yes to those questions, then Singularity Entertainment wants your help. We are a brand new game development studio that is working on our first project.

The current project is a survival, adventure, horror game, with an emphasis on helplessness and stealth that heavily focuses on sound design. The game takes place a couple weeks after a “zombie” like event takes over the city our player wakes up in. The objective is to reunite the player with their father while trying not to be killed by the zombie-like creatures infesting the city. It is a 2.5D art style game that has a unique player perspective style. The POV is a pseudo-side scroller, Silent Hills-esk style. All of the models and design will be done in 3D in a pseudo-realistic, non hyper realistic style. Look at “Inside” by Playdead and “Little Nightmares” by Tarsier Studios for inspiration.

The environment artist will be responsible for creating the playable environment in 3D, creating assets for the environment, texture all environment assets, work with programmers on creating appropriate lighting, and working with the designer to accomplish level design goals.

All team members must communicate effectively with team, work well with rest of the team, willing to share, take, and apply criticism, share possible solutions and design changes as necessary, be able to produce progress in a reasonable time frame, and communicate feasible deadlines for oneself to director

More details will be provided if you are accepted onto the team. It is NOT first come, first serve. Team members are hand picked for their skills, personality, and most importantly, passion. There is no required experience, but experience would be beneficial. Since we are a new studio, we are more than excited for anyone that would be interested. This project is a revenue share project, meaning you will not get paid, but will earn a percentage of the earnings of the game after release.

To Apply

If you are interested in joining the team, you can send a resume, portfolio, and/or CV and your time zone to singularityentmt@gmail.com . If you don't have any of these but are still interested and/or have experience, email anyways! Passion is valued higher than current skill set.

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