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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by TXplore on

This is a currently non-paid, hobby position for a 3D Artist/Modeler to work on an ambitious project estimated to release in a couple years from now. The position will include tasks such as creating 3D models, texturing, and possibly animating. The engine for our title is Unreal Engine 4.

We are a fairly beginning development team with a huge amount of passion and desire to learn and grow as we go. Past experience is preferred but not necessary to join as our motto is to learn as we go and learn together. We are looking for someone who is committed, passionate, and dedicated to a long-term title that is subject to change and evolve as we go. There is potential for this position to become a Paid one at a future date depending on success of the title.

Be someone who is kind, patient, optimistic, non-bossy, and most of all and once again: Passionate. Our team will take nothing less 🙂 You may use whichever software you would like to design and create for the project. You need to be able to work regularly albeit at the pace that works for you. Our team is looking forward to seeing you apply and become a part of something great whilst creating with us 🙂

To Apply

To apply, send a brief description of yourself, what you could bring to the team, and how you could strive to become better as a part of our team to the email address tresqu999@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you join us 🙂

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