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Artists located North America or Western Europe.

Posted by Cup of Tea Games on

Greetings Everyone!

We're called Cup of Tea Games and we're looking for people who are interested in committing their time and expertise into creating immersive, highly polished, and well built games! Before you continue any further this is a Revenue Share Model for now with plans to change that as soon as everything goes according to plan. So if you're perfectly fine with that then keep reading!

If you have the love and passion for video game making and want to work on games and release titles, gain experience in game making, or simply want to add Cup of Tea Games to your CV/Resume, then this ad is for you!

As for the game that we are currently developing, it is a rather medium scaled horror game consisting of different levels and stages consisting of bizarre and natural environments and monsters alike.
If you'd like to know more about the game's style and approach you can check out our youtube playlist of footage from Project Dream :


We need someone who can fully animate humanoid figures and have the ability to animate environmental animations for added immersion. We need someone who can do the following:

- Animate NPC’s which would consist of enemy AI as well as the Player.
- Animate interactability such as pushing buttons, levers, and more.
- Animate mechanical movement such as weapons, machinery.

- Can use Unity's animator or any software with Unity support such as Maya or
- Rigging 3D models and prepare them for animating.

We are using the Unity 2017.2 engine so you can either use external software to create animation files and/or utilize unity's internal animator. So if you are capable of performing tasks requiring such skills, and open to constructive criticism then you are exactly what we're looking for!

What Exactly We Do? :

We're a small group of 5 people who get together remotely using internet based communication applications to make Game Projects in Unity's Engine. We’re a team of experienced game developers who organize ourselves with the help of various apps and group calls to keep track of work, source control, plan new tasks, and simply have fun!

Schedules :

We have to-do lists and means of communication that connects the whole team together. We have flexible schedules that could adjust to your lifestyle although we have weekly meetings so be ready for that. So as soon as you join and depending what's your priority, you'll instantly have things to do. Time Zone is GMT(-4) generally and do weekly meeting via skype/Discord in Mondays and Fridays. The rest is specified via interview.

Extra Info :

If you're still interesting and still like to know more about us before applying. We made a Super Sophisticated Website you can pay a visit to : Cupofteagames.com

Keep in mind that although we started Cup of Tea Games more than 2 years ago, we're experienced with things like Team Management, Game Production, PR Management, etc. Delays do happen in teams so we're also ready for that! We're looking to expand the family to those who have the passion of making games and have fun in the process!

Previously we released a small title on android called Oka The Neko.

So if you think you're ready to take us on then what we do is that we'll read your email & Portfolio, send an email back to you when we're interested, then have a skype or discord call (Not necessarily video) to get to know you!

Application Requirements (besides previous requirements):

- You are willing to create a small animation/model on application.
- You have a consistent and efficient work flow.
- You can build chemistry with fellow team members.
- You have no problem with taking feedback.
- You are passionate about games.

To Apply

Please send your portfolio and some background information about yourself to : br.cupofteagames@gmail.com

Please include a paragraph introducing yourself so we get to know a bit of your awesome story!

North America or Western Europe
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