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Hey there!

Thanks for taking a look at this post. My friend and I are looking for a game artist that is familiar with Unity or at least would like to learn. The only requirement would to be able to read and speak English. We typically meet a few times a week on Skype to go over project progress.

We are looking to get our game studio off of the ground. We have a game concept, business plan and have started coding the game. Basically we are looking for a partner for at least one project but hopefully more!

As far as revenue is concerned, we can't offer any initial money but our plan is to pitch our game to some publishers and hopefully get some funding. Whatever we make on the game we will split.

We have already published one mobile game so we actually have finished a project...
Both of us are pretty laid back and just love making games.

If you are interested in joining us send me some examples of your work and tell me a little about yourself. We definitely enjoy a person who has a sense of humor, so be yourself.

Thanks for your time,
Jazzy Joe

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Send art examples to josephjazz11@gmail.com.

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