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Thank you for considering this job role.

The project we're working on is a 2D PvP game where the player sets up a server containing certain stuff. The objective is to have long term "wars" with other players, trying to get data from their server, exploit it or take it down. Your server starts with known exploits that you must patch. Scripts are pseudo-code and terminal commands are also user-friendly.

We're looking for someone with the skills to be able to go on and create complex game mechanics so previous experience would be optimal. If you could include other games and previous coding experience in you resume that would be fantastic. The engine we're using to develop the game is Unity, So C# Knowledge is a required/useful asset for this job role.

The game is also planned to be Multiplayer. So if you have any previous experience with creating a multiplayer network game, as well as async synchronisation across clients. This will help put us ahead greatly.

We look forward to reading your applications!

-Satellite 27 Team

To Apply

Send your resume and previous work & experience to Satellite27Studios@gmail.com

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