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Small Indie group working on a series of sci-fi horror games. Many of us have seen that indie games are becoming much better then even triple-a game. So we thought we'd even attempt a wack at it ourselves. Using Unity 3D and skills we've all learned in our spare time.

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Just running over some basic things on what we plan to do.

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First off, i'm glad your checking our our profile as we are still just starting out, only one of us is a-bit more advanced in both the use of Maya and Unity, but the others are learning quickly. In the end we plan to release several games within the same universe. Some of which you wont be playing as the same character, others you will be, and perhaps even some you make your own characters.

We are starting low right now, a first person story based (perhaps puzzle based as well) game much like that of other horror first person games. This all will be using Unity Indie Edition until we have gained the trust of our friends, followers, and family to someday start a kick-starter to fund our project. All of us have been playing games recently, and some of the..less savory games have inspired us in to the thought we could do better. Hopefully someday soon we will have things to show you all.

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