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You are a TERMINAL OPERATOR, the elite pilot of an unmanned REMOTE PRESENCE VESSEL. You command one thousand tons of nanofiber armor and electromagnetically shielded telemetric devices moving at near light-speed across the void of space, armed with an array of weapons capable of devastating entire planetary systems in seconds - the ultimate product of 5,000 years of scientific advancement. You are the guardian of law and order - your jurisdiction spans the entire galaxy. The pirate lords of the outer systems have been distributing INFRINGING TECHNOLOGY and only YOU can stop them! Join the Terran Conglomerate, and battle armies of evil space pirates! Vanquish hordes of alien space monsters rampaging across the stars! Use cannons, bombs, missiles, lasers, powerguns, and gravitic effect weapons to decimate, explode, destroy, zap, stun, and push your enemies into compliance! Act now, before it's too late!

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Zero Point War is a turn based tactical skirmish role playing game with unique gameplay mechanics, featuring an expansive multi-player online battle arena and a rich single player campaign. It is free to play - download it now!

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Greetings Operators! A new Zero Point release is ready, with tons of new features for you to test out.

First and perhaps most important is the ability to customize vessels. Users can now design their own unique ships by choosing different parts including engines, hulls, and weapons. This not only changes statistics like armour, speed, and offensive capabilities, but will also change the unit's visual appearance.

To compliment vessel customization is a brand new tech tree. This allows operators to spend XP to unlock new components and weapons to use in their designs. Researching high level technologies will add specialized components to combine into more powerful vessels.

Also included is a new method of scoring. The new system allows finer grained match scores, to better differentiate between operator performance.

If you are interested in trying out these new additions, you can download the game client here! Be sure to let me know if you find any bugs or think of any ways to improve the game.

Zero Point War Alpha R2
Zero Point War Alpha R2

zpw r2 interfacezpw r2 interface


  • Customizable vessels
  • Tech tree/XP Unlocks
  • Score system revamp
  • Salvage pickups
  • Minor interface improvements

Known issues

  • Reserve fleet unlocks in the general xp tree are currently non-functional
  • Placeholder graphics for most vessel components

having issues creating a new user

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xhrit Author

The issue should be fixed now.

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