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Trick 'n' Kick is online football (soccer) game developed by Mayk.ee, currently in alpha stage. In the game you play as football player in multiplayer matches against other players. It is quite difficult game and needs a lot of skill because ball control is somewhat different from similar games.

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Some news about TnK new features, bugs fixed and actual project state...

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Trick 'n' Kick Update #2

Client - new features:

- ball tracking (can be turned off)
- system monitor (frame time; percentage of frame time for drawing, calc,misc; memory used)
- room chat (custom quick messages not implemented yet)
- updated character stats (further info in new article)
- mouse sensitivity adjustable in menu (or exact value in config file)
- minor updates in graphics and rendering
- as always: some new teams and player avatars

Client - bugs fixed :

- various network and server communications bugs
- another menu errors, crashes and misc...

Server - new features:

- rooms list *
- sending rooms/matches list to clients *
- connecting clients(players) to chosen rooms/matches *
- backend for rooms list filters (not implemented yet)
- statistics from server side
- backend for players database (not implemented yet)

* - for free players only

Server - bugs fixed:

- connecting more clients from same network
- various network, comunication and connecting bugs

Actual project state:

- alpha v0.2717
- closed aplha tests
- preparing client and server for first public alpha test

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