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Be a successful transport entrepreneur! In Transporter Manager Tycoon you will control your own carrier, you will manage freight, buy new trucks and even expand your carrier to a distributor. Start small, and with a lot of dedication and effort become one of the biggest carriers in the game. If you want, you can also manage your personal life, taking care of your own character! Live your own life (if you want), go to restaurants, go on trips, go to the doctor, go to stores, etc. Manage your company's garage, with trucks and trailers, refuel, do maintenance and upgrades. Buy and expand properties, have more features for your company, or even more space. Control your deliveries, accept freight, see types of cargo, weight and deadline. Go to the dealership and find various models of trucks and trailers, from various brands. Hire several employees to help you transform your company into a transport giant. Have financial control in your hands, borrow money or leave the money

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