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'Rise & Shine' tells the story of Rise, a little kid who finds himself into the task of saving the world of classic videogames from the merciless invasion of the bald space marines with the only help of Shine, the legendary pistol. The elevator pitch would be "A Limbo with guns", as we aim to mix ruthless and "realistic" gun combat with some puzzle solving using the different bullets the pistol can shoot. Story is a very important side of the game as this will be single player only, and the game will evolve following the main character's adventure while he tries to save his planet. Also, we are taking care of the graphics to the max as usual in our games, even making every scrolling level completely drawn as a huge illustration and not using any tiles or asset library at all. We are truly commited to make Rise & Shine our masterpiece and we hope you like what you see so far. Hopefully we'll be able to show you a gameplay video soon! Thanks

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