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Portal Of Mystery has now dropped here on Indie DB! Engage in a huge new content filled update including: a whole new world of mystery, a strange man of mystery, four new challenging levels introducing a whole new vibe to Pule, a strange information filled tablet for all your character, enemy and boss needs, a brand-new trophy system to challenge you and not to mention the truth behind Pule and the rest of the trio.

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Sep 8 2017 Anchor


Added New Features:

  • Launcher – Install the game and check out the new launcher

Bug, Performance and Quality Fixes:

  • Eyesore Star Bug – Most Eyesores couldn’t pick up stars, now fixed
  • Captain Cannon Attack 2 – Captain Cannons second attack wasn’t working, now it should challenge you that little bit more
  • Mystery Mode Portal Lock – The portal lock now works, if there are any problems with it please report it on the forums
  • Mystery Mode Discussion Typos – The many typos in the final cutscene are now fixed
  • Information Log Golden Peggis Gender – Fixed a string error with Golden Peggis in the Information Log
  • Information Log Golden Eyesore Bug – Golden Eyesore now appears and disappears correctly
  • Endless Mode Eyesore Label – The current character label wasn’t displaying any of the Eyesores
  • Blue Mystery Improvements – Made some improvements to the Blue Mystery to make it run bette

Character Balancing:

Pule Class:

Pule, Fire, Ice, Toxic, Energy Pule:

  • Rate Of Fire decreased from 500 to 350


All of these Pules suffer from not enough damage over time so a faster rate of fire could help this

Smash Class:

All Smashes:

  • Reload Decreased From 2 to 1


This slight decrease to Smashes reload makes him more powerful when you miss shots

Eyesore Class:

All Eyesores:

  • Damage decreased by 50%
  • Removed ammo counter


All eyesores were hitting too much, too quickly, halving they’re damage means it now takes twice as long to kill an enemy. The removed ammo counter now makes players be more careful to not use all of Eyesores ammo and they also won’t know when it’s re-filled adding a unique playstyle

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