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Wisteria is a Roleplay Driven Online game that happens 30 years before Red's adventure, be part of the creation of the Pokemon League and change the story and the world as we know! Check alot of creative mechanics and follow the game development

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A new test is about to start with a bunch of new features! Play as Wild Pokémon using the new breeder perks and create amazing player events with your friends.

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I know alot of you are anxious about my input here and I have never been so "slow" with a system (till now). So I think its worth dropping an explain here: at first I thought this was going to be a pretty easy new system to make, but this ended up becoming a HUGE snowball, and ended up having me to find/remake alot of previous internal system to fix the new "bugs" these changes created. And being stuck in alot of these issues ended up not giving me alot of "content" to report.

But now that I am starting to get my life back in control lets talk about the new wild life gameplay!
-New Perk: Ranger.
As some veterans from previous wipes know, the gameplays on this perk was previously a knowledge. So, now the "Check Habitat" and "Wild Control" knowledges are now parts of this Perk.
(click it on your perk bar to use these commands)
Obtain: Farmer OR Soldier and perform "Help Wild Life Growth" in Fuschia´s Breeder School
-Grass Areas changed:
To make this possible I had to remake the way the game handle the grasses overall, well, long talk short: we have now more controls over who are walking on the grasses and now players can easily check what routes they are on.
When you walk in a spawn path there will be a "Wild" area icon in your action bar, clicking it will open up extra controls toward that area (later on will display informations toward quality of life, endanger etc)



Check Habitat:

Instead of being a knowledge now its a default perk command, clicking your "Ranger" perk will open up its commands, use it near a route while facing a pokémon to see their likes/dislikes about that area, use this in multiple pokemon and you will be able to map out wich pokemon would live better where.


Friend Help/Wild Control:

Theres alot of explaining to do this, so I shall start with:
A player can play/control a specific or multiple different wild pokemons at different moments through different areas of the game, creating roleplay to people in the entire server if they manage things well. Toward the pokemon you are roleplaying as, you should always try to keep cohesion as you roleplay depending on what you are trying to do, for example:

You can control a specific toothless rattata and live in a specific route interacting with players, have a favorite player and follow them around and be goofy (with specific characteristics so the ones who interact with you know its that same specific rattata every time you find eachother.) and what happens to this Rattata could vary depending on your interactions/how things goes.
For example, if that toothless rattata gets caught, its expected the new trainer to keep rping those traits/personality as a RPing basics; and its also expected to you to now be controling some other theorical Rattata.

You can control groups of rattatas under the same "problem" aswell, like lets say you control a gang of thief rattata that bugs travelers untill they steal some rations/berries. If one here dies or get caught the gang is big enough for you to be controling another. Its kind of up to you the way you interact with the wild and control the thing is, you must follow all the basic RP logistics.

-This was discussed before so it might be worth pointing out:-
There are no real progression "level ups etc" in a Wild Control, their power vary in two things:
*The level base of the grass path the wild pokemon will jump out from will be its minimal level.
** If you have been controling and RPing with that specific wild pokemon for a while, leaving a grass will place its level in the actual CP cap + Personal CP of your human (Overall controled wild are strong enough to RP)
so, incase for example of you controling a LONG RUN specific wild pokemon and want to logout, I´d suggest leave him somewhere you can find, (hide him under a tree near your trainer?) and incase you dont find it or it have been rebooted etc, but that pokemon is still ICly avaliable, theres NO PROBLEM because theres no real progression, just spawn it again, wild control it, RP a bit, and you will get it capped again in no time.
However keep in mind, you arent tied to a single wild pokemon to be controled, even if you RP specifics, in other word, Team Rocket Meowth and Jigglypuff could be controled by the same player (even from completelly different areas in kanto)
-If you want to play someone that is supported by wild pokémon and is followed by wild pokémon instead of playing wild through distance with other players this also works.
Keep in mind to use "Friend Help" you can only do it if your team have up to 3 pokémon

-How it works?
If you have wild friendship with a nearby wild pokemon you can use the friend help to control it, however this isnt 100% guaranteed control, the higher wild friendship you have with that pokémon you have higher chances of success
the odds for this is very similar to a "Feed Berry" to calm down a pokémon
Keep in mind that once you succeed into using "Friend Help" this will also calm down the pokémon.
Calmed down pokemons can instantly be wild controled later on
As in Wild Control two different things happens, since you bypas the distance limit from your trainer, your trainer will auto receive an AFK tag to protect him


Pressing "F" (returning to the player) will break the control
(pokeballs will just work at a wild controled pokémon once you cease control of it, but be "rational" about this one, while pokémon can choose not to be captured, you should be sensitive in cases of things like masterballs etc)
As of player´s wild control a tag will show once a wild pokemon is being controled to the players nearby


-Pokémon Sanctuary:

Once you walk into a grass and is out of combat, as a wild controled pokemon and click the "Wild" icon in your action bar
you will be given the option to hide into the Pokémon Sanctuary


Once you enter the Pokémon Sanctuary your wild pokémon will rest a little bit, and you will be unable to move, the Pokemon Sanctuary is a "crossing point" through the wild routes, in the wilderness
I might create multiple "rooms" for the sanctuary later on, just for RP purpose
but the point is: From the Pokémon Sanctuary you can access different routes.
(almost freely)
Almost because, depends on: having active PLAYERS on that route.
You can always leave through the route you entered
But for example, if there is a player at route 8
and you entered the sanctuary at route 2
you will be given the option to choose between those. You will then leave the grass path in a Random area of that specific route, (You wont insta spawn in the feet of the player, to avoid problems of OHKO etc)
Example: I am entering the route 2 in a place, going into the Sanctuary and leaving in the route 2 will send you to a random location within the same route.


Note that: I have been RPing as that Rattata, so I left out with the pokémon Level at the current CP Cap (in my test its lvl 34)

-Farmer Sinergy

Well, now that its basics is explained, you can use this to control multiple pokémon through multiple areas in the game and RP with tons of people, creating events etc.
all depending on your Wild Friendship with the pokémons, so this alone is already a great combination with Farmers (easier to build up wild friendship)
but, there are more, the new Wild Control introduces a new hidden "stat" called Wild RP Score.
More you generate RP with other players (solo doesnt count) you will gain Wild RP Score, (capping at 5000 scores)
When you get back into your trainer, and perform Farmer duties, and have Wild RP Score, you will get a bonus: Hence the time you used RPing will make you not need to grind that much:
-1000 WRPS makes your next egg will come without the "Parent" setting, making it have 70% less chance of being the same pokémon as its parent (aka new pokemon)
But these RPs and events dont benefit just the player, incase you RP with a Wild Controled pokémon and end up capturing it, you have a chance % on that pokemon unlocking one of its preset Ability Perk


As we observe in multiple tests long run wipes, there are some issues I was trying to "adjust" and increase the quality of life of lost new players (mainly the ones entering mid wipe) so keep these public in mind if you are veteran reading this

- City Choices

This one is very controversal, and might not work, but its worth a try. There is a recurring big issue midgame where new players constantly creates on "emptied" towns and struggle to start their adventure. ends up alone for hours and end up quitting the RP game before ever having a chance to be introduced to the RP. This is a very big issue and gets bigger as the game´s map raises and more towns and cities are added.
So when creating your character it will be possible to See the amount of players in that specific area (in the city description alert msg)
And when there are more then 5 players online in the game, you will only be able to create characters in cities with players.
(you can then move to another city you want to live in etc after creating and starting your adventure, this is mostly to guarantee new players will have atleast a slight chance to get some RP)

- Starting Gyms

Well, the theory previously was for players to build the gymas as they go, but going to scratch that because I think that will be a better beginning quality if the main default gyms starts built up, and later on we can add custom gyms etc.
Also one big reason for this change is, well this can organize players and spread them into gyms that fits their play styles and builds, and grow in the league in that specific city/gym. instead of everyone just flocking in one.
Creating competition in between gyms and towns, for example: trainers of Cerulean Gym grinding and competing guided by the leader to surpass the trainers of Pewter Gym etc.

So, now the initial gyms and their typings are:
Wisteria: Normal type.
Viridian: Flying type.
Pewter: Ground type.
Cerulean: Water type.
Vermilion: Electric type.
Saffron: Psychic type.
Celadon: Grass type.
Fuschia: Poison type.
The typings and looks of internal gym arenas can change midgame


- Starting CP

New players will now start with the CP as if they had a lvl 5 pokémon (around 40 CP) this means the trainer are able to self capture their own weak starters with higher odds, before we started with 0 CP and everything power walled us.
This is to reduce the difficulty/learning curve some new players been struggling bad to deal, we all know getting a starterball is easier then buying a pokeball and self capturing, but some people just dont.
This also allows for more dynamic starts as they can be helped with other non professor players and even Wild Controled pokémons to get a real nice introduction to the game´s RP world.

- Small Route changes:

Mt. Moon wont start out with pokémon that naturally overtake through the place, like geodudes, sandshrew and zubats, instead they will start by default with Cleffas and Clefairy only, making those pokémon appear more early game for better RP/Lore fitting stuffs, and later on its natural to assume Geodudes and others pokemon will migrate there and overtake the place


- New Pokémon: -Alolan Raichu, -Alolan Geodude, -Alolan Graveler, -Alolan Golem, -Blissey -Ralts, -Kirlia, -Gardevoir -Gallade -Zangoose -Seviper -Bomseel -Rayquaza -Darkrai

Download the client: Here
Join our Discord: Here

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