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You are in a space station infested with little pests ... And your job is to get rid of them all! P.C.F.O.S is a game with a touch of puzzle and survival with a third person top view. The player plays the role of Bert Badejo, an intergalactic bug exterminator. Bert goes from one space station to another on a daily basis, freeing them from the threat of the "Cucaracho", a creature from the deep space... And pretty dangerous! To do that, Bert has to act like a hunter ... Explore that labyrinthine space station, set some traps and recover all the tools you can use to beat the living hell out of it. But the Cucaracho is a tricky one. It can catch you off guard in no time, if you let it. Also, you have to get rid of the annoying little Pests in the ship. Are you ready to take on the Cucaracho?

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