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On May 1st 2019, VRDB.com and SlideDB.com were closed. We no longer support VR, AR, iOS or Android only games. We are focused on PC, console and moddable games. If this is your project and you would like to release it on Indie DB, please contact us with the details.

Help to Lesik fly on a balloon to Lisa. Lesik and Lisa love each other very much. But there's an ill luck, Lisa does not sit still, so Lyosik always has to look for her. Help Lesik fly a balloon to Lisa with the help of a breeze.     The direction of the wind depends on which side of the ball you click on the screen.     In the flight of Lesik will pursue danger. Take care not to burst the ball. Good luck to you!     Once registered, you can play on any device (Android) under your login and password. The best results are recorded in an online table!

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