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Set in the distant future where planets are harvested for their resources, join the H.E.M.F., an elite group of defense forces attempting to slow the endless waves of alien hostiles which recently emerged from the planet's crust. Join a game with up to 8 players and hold out as long as possible, choosing load outs, building defenses, and coordinating team efforts to hold the line. The game works natively on browsers, so no downloads, no installs, just play at our homepage. Servers currently located in us-east, us-west, and eu-west

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Big patch which includes new enemy 'surges', doubles the enemy variety, reworks gear requisition/management, performance improvements, and streamlines gameplay!

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The game is available at hemf.io for those interested, all in-browser. Haven't had too much external feedback, so if you give it a try, feedback would be welcomed and appreciated :)

New Content

  • 2 additional enemy toughness tiers have been added for each enemy type (4 x 4 enemy variations total now)
  • 'Surge' mechanic introduction; On a timer, a wave of varying composition, toughness, and volume will spawn in, emphasizing the need for special weaponry utilization and coordination.


surge warning about flyers (top left) and subsequent spawning

Updated Gameplay Mechanics

  • Requisition is now more like a currency, where you buy an item and have that item until used (previously it was more of a loadout template, which could be refreshed)
  • Inventory management / buying and respawning all happen in the game world now to avoid loading out to a different screen, just to load back in.


buy menu in-game, at the back edge of the area of operation

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Item indicators have been added to the HUD's weapon status section to show which items are loaded as primary chamber, and underbarrel.
  • Buy menu reworked
  • Hotkeys are re-bindable with a right-click while in-game
  • Help text added for all hotkey groups (explain how the items work)


HUD from top of screen

Engine Optimizations

  • RAM requirements significantly reduced (though due to new content, Chrome still uses at least 2gb)
  • Dead enemies are now 'instanced' to simplify their GPU overhead, which means performance won't dip as much as the operation goes on
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