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The Galactic Civil War is a free, standalone game based on the struggle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Just go ahead and try it. You can take a vessel and fly from ground to space. You are also able to take commandposts and destroy the capital ship. There is Ai for vessels but just a simple solution for ground troops. I´ve plannes for a local Multiplayer, but if you like it I will work on it further. Also don´t forget to follow the project so you get always new updates on the game... and keep a low profile on it so please do no coverage on this at least not without permission from me :)

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Some small FAQ though I hope it will answere to alot of your questions

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Dear Community ill be working on Dark Sea for the next months now since i work on it for a long time now and want it to be finished.


Wanna play the demo? click here and make sure to follow it :)


Wanna join a fanmade discord server click here: Discordapp.com

And be sure to visit the Book of Truth archive :) definetly important for todays times


Here goes your FAQ :)

Q: Will the game include the Clone Wars?

A: The game plays during the Galactic Civil War era only.

Q: The graphics/animations aren´t the best/ are crappy can you make em better

A: I am just doing it for fun and want to share it with others. I am not working on reaching a certain degree of quality. So I hope you can look pass the graphics ;)

coverage on this thanks :)

Q: Will you then make a Clone Wars sequel?

A: Maybe.... if this game was ever finished.

Q:Will there be heroes?

A:Yes propably

Q: Will you improve one some of the visual aspects as they don´t look good/are bad

A: Since I mostly do it on my own I just do it for fun... so I don´t put much weight on improving visuals

if it goes beyond my skills

Q: Will you update the animations?

A: This one bothers me a bit as i am trying hard to improve them with every new vesion ... If anyone has knowledge in Blender animation please contact me :)

Q: How many people are working on this project?

A: Mainly Erathor(me) is working on the project directly. Though some nice people are helping me with smaller/external tasks.Those external tasks include counseling on features&ideas; custom music; character modeling; etc....


project leader, modeling, programing, level design ...


Community Moderator and adviser for coding and MULTIPLAYER: smaTc

testers & advisers: Fey, MonsterCrafter, PepeVillecham

for the public image: WaffleThePilot

music design(not yet in the product):


voice acting


some nice models are done by


Q: When will Galactic Conquest be available?


A: Probably somewhere after the 0.23 update

Q: When is the next big update?

A: Work on the next update will start after Dark Sea ... that would propably be finished at some point

in the year 2018

hope you support me over there :) on Indiedb as well

Q: Will you add X or Y ship?

A: Maybe eventually, I added alot of ships already.

Q: Will there be multiplayer ?

A: It is my aim to add it eventually though progress in this section is slow..

Q: Will frigates have spawned NPC ?

A: Propably though it might get a bit tricky since it is a moving object

Q: Does my game update automaticly?

A: No you always need to download the newest version on here

Interested in any other games from me? Check out Dark Sea a RPG with survival aspects.

I have worked on it for a long time and i really want to finish it .... it would help out alot if you would check it out and follow it thanks :D here is the link


Got any more questions that aren´t listed here let me add em :D

Wanna contact me? Write me a PM

Hope you liked it and have a GONK



Is too much to ask (or maybe doesn't fit your view for this game) this - could there be "freelook" in cockpit, to look around? Bindable to mouse-when-key-pressed, and/or any free controller axis in system, OpenTrack/TrackIR, etc? Thanks! I mean - Thanks for everything already done, and in advance, for things to come :)

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Fun fact, our mascots are going to be GNK Power Droids and FX-7 medical droids.

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First of all I just got to know your project and I love it, I've been playing for 4 days and the truth is that I'm excited to play the next version. I love being able to go out into space and down to earth as well as the space fights (my favorites), they are great and very lore friendly. My request (if it is'n a lot of trouble) is if you could make big ships have breakable canions and engines when you shoot at them, it would give the game even more realism to see the explosion there and see how the ships no longer have shields. Thanks again for this great game =)

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PepeVillecham Creator

Thanks for your suggestion! Erathor (The developer) will take that into account ;)

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