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climbtime - climb and jump parkour up procedurally generated levels for best time. full description/controls/download at homepage link. This is a game in development(free to download/play) so feel free to comment if you like the game and would like to see additional options or features. The game was developed in unity using a gamepad controller(mouse/keyboard controls are also supported). The game supports the oculus rift as of version 1.5 on Windows and Mac. For the rift, I chose a medium graphic setting on game startup to keep a higher fps with less judder/ghosting. You start the game at the bottom and have to jump/run up the blocks and walls and land on top of the top-most block(which flashes from white to black) of the tower in as short a time as possible. Falling into the water resets the level timer. Pressing the gamepad back button or keyboard F2 will restart the level regenerating any level pickups.

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