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The story brings you to the life of Tran Hong Mai (name changeable) - an ordinary Vietnamese highschool girl. She is one of the simplest girl in the world with nothing outstanding about her appearance or character. 17 years have flown by, yet her life remains quiet and boring... Mai's life is like a gloomy book. Her parents are all doctors - which keeps them away from home most of the time. She has to live mostly by herself since childhood. Fortunately, her neighbour is a boy of the same age named Nguyen Duc Hiep. His parents are not divorced, but they live separately and rarely come home to visit him. Two kids in the same shoes, gradually grew close to each other. Mai's life was expected to continue like that, until her 17th birthday. Without knowing the reason, Mai's body was swapped with Hiep and it caused an extremely ridiculous situation to both of them. From that moment, their life turned to a new page.

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