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The award-winning debut game from Twisted BrainZ AST-Hero is a top-down space-shooter, with unique graphics and sounds. Winner of the 8th Francophone game-jam, everything was custom-handmade in the game, even the code. It offers a great player experience and is difficult to master although the game learning curve is easy. AST-Hero is inspired by the 1979 hit Asteroids. It comes with a lot of new and interesting features and answers our main question: If asteroids would have been done in 2020, how would it look like? Are you ready to fight through 40 levels and defeat the mighty mothership? Some of the features of the game: Addictive Gamepad compatible Fun to play Quick and reactive gameplay Easy learning curve 40 levels 5 difficulty levels Tutorial Voice-overs during the tutorial and in the shop Subtitles Endless playing environment Mini-Bosses and End Boss Locked screen pre-boss mechanics A shop to buy weapons and upgrades Amazing soundtrack Unique handmade design

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Twisted BrainZ studio launches their award-winning game AST-Hero today

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AST-Hero, winner of the 8th Francophone Game Jam and supported by Pro-Helvetia, will be released on Steam on Tuesday. On this occasion, the designers will be live on Twitch at 5:00 pm CEST!

A beautiful game, filled with nostalgia and fun

If Asteroids had been done in 2022, what would it look like?

AST-Hero is a 2D top-down space-shooter inspired by the 1979 hit Asteroids. Featuring 40 levels and bosses with a reactive and addictive gameplay, breathtaking art & visuals and entrancing music, AST-Hero will take you back in time… and in the future at the same time!

AST-Hero takes you on a journey through space where you control a small spaceship. You must defeat increasingly strong enemies and unique bosses. To succeed, you will need various upgrades that you will find in the Moebius inspired shop spaceshift: weapon upgrades, shield upgrades... you can even buy some extra-luck! Powerups are also available and feature a super-powerful weapon. Five difficulty levels and an endless playing environment were designed to provide a gameplay experience filled with fun and excitement! A voiced starting tutorial, as well as a progressively increasing difficulty, give AST-Hero a perfect learning curve for a flawless experience.

Swiss (hand)made

Post tenebras ludus

Twisted BrainZ is a small indie game studio based in Geneva, Switzerland. They partnered with Shaman77, a Swiss freelance developer, to build AST-Hero, a Swiss game made with love and dedication.

Coded from scratch, with handmade SFX and music, and a unique graphic design !

AST-Hero is a piece of art (and craft): while the talented Shaman77 went so far as to program the whole game without any libraries, Twisted BrainZ designed the hypnotic sound system, with tailored soundtracks that will keep you playing for hours. And as if it wasn’t enough dedication, they also created this unique, beautiful graphic design that will turn your playing session into a whole addictive experience!

AST-Hero Gameplay



Learn more

AST-Hero on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Discord: Discord.com

Twitch: Twitch.tv

Web site: Twistedbrainz.com

Contact us: info@twistedbrainz.com

Press kit: Twistedbrainz.com

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