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Feb 20 2022 Anchor

Hello everyone,

I am recreating a 2d puzzle platform game I made in The Games Factor 2 over to Unreal 4. The main feature of the game allowed the player to switch between all 6 basic colours of the rainbow to walk across the matching coloured platforms, solve obstacles, interact with objects and deal with enemies. So my question is how can I make the player switch colours and give each colour properties. Such as if you are red and then want to walk on the blue line by turning blue how can that be done in Unreal 4?

P.S I am currently using Unreal Engine 4.22.3


Lord Trovas

Feb 22 2022 Anchor

Start with something simple for test(Bouncing Ball).
Use collision event to change color properties of objects(self and others).

-Carefully analyze this video from YouTube.

Sep 21 2022 Anchor

Thank you for sending this my way a simple tutorial to build my idea off is a breath of fresh air compared to the other brief answers I have received.

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