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Under $30 best games to buy? (Forums : General Banter : Under $30 best games to buy?) Locked
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Aug 1 2018 Anchor

Can anybody suggest me?

Aug 6 2018 Anchor

The evil within for example

Sep 22 2018 Anchor

Just the other day I bought Strife: Veteran Edition on steam for $10! I think it was very worthwhile, I loved it! ^_^

Besides that, if you're into VNs, there's We Know The Devil or Heaven Will Be Mine, both are $10 I think on steam, or less if there's a sale. I played a indie game called Happy World by Jimi Masuraki that was really good, and it's a pay-what-you-want type deal so you could get it for free.. I dunno! There's a lot out there.

Dec 3 2018 Anchor

A little old, but those not in the know, Steam is having a Winter sale shortly. All of their own games like Half Life 1 and 2 should be $1 each if the trend continues. Other developers will have their best deals going on at that time as well, up to 80% off usually. In saying that HL1 has over 550 mods released for it and HL2 has over 450 right here on ModDB. Even if you scoff at the older games, their mods will keep you entertained for a very long time.

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Jan 31 2019 Anchor
  • Dead cells ($17)

This game is a metroidvania, action-platformer, that has been described by many as a 2d Dark Souls. Like any souls game you'll die a lot but the difference in this game is that each time you revive, you'll notice that the levels slightly change. (Btw Dark souls 1 is on steam for $20)

Jul 16 2019 Anchor

Just recently purchased Fallout New Vegas. Normally $10 and about $3.50 or $4 when on sale. I have put in just under 90 hours and divorced my wife and my kids for this game. ^^! I was only holding back for so long because I figured it would not play on my ratty laptop. But it does. I would recommend getting it when it and all other DLCs are on sale for about $10. As they only have a package on Steam and not a bundle deal, meaning you have to pay full price for the whole thing, including New Vegas if you already have it and of course it wont give you a second copy of it, you might as well just go for the $10 package all at once. I wish I would of done that to begin with. About 90 hours in and I am probably only a fifth of the way into the game, with no mods and no expansions. With expansions probably only a tenth and with mods... well... what is the infinite sign again?

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