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Jun 5 2022 Anchor


hi. i'm a doom mapper, and wated to upload my wads (they are less than 1 mb lmao) but when im clicking on "upload file" button, it simply says "Error Uploading Try Again" . im using windows 7, maybe issue is in OS?

Jun 5 2022 Anchor

-Hey Balls, Just install new version of Mozilla Firefox or Opera and try again(or other type of browser), and compress wad in zip (compression method "Store").

Jun 5 2022 Anchor

Yeah,I compressed the wad in .zip,but it works fine on phone

Jun 5 2022 Anchor

-Haha, good work, you appears as smart guy, and shifty.

Jun 21 2022 Anchor

I am completely lost, confused and frustrated. If you are going to reply to help me, please don't do it here, because I DON'T KNOW WHERE HERE IS!!!!! Anyway, please respond to vorderbruegg@gmail.com. I just bought a new laptop. I am trying to install Darthmod Napoleon (vers 2.65, I think). The process gets stuck when it asks me where the folder should be. It keeps rejecting me, saying I need to manually browse,. Well, I don't know what that means. I have tried going into the folders on the machine and adding something or whatever, but nothing works. What the heck?????? Somebody help me!!!!!! I am in withdrawal from not being able to play Napoleon darthmod version. I want it on my new computer! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 25 2022 Anchor

-In that manually browse, click on that rectangle with browse word and try to find folder where original game is installed, and don`t forget to backup original folder of the game in first place, done.

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