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Game demo: contains most of the game but there is space for improvement and bug fixes

zoo crime project demo
Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

Very cute characters, ..indeed.

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tomwolfing Author
tomwolfing - - 1 comments

thank you :P

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DarkBloodbane - - 76 comments

I've just played this game and closed the case... somehow.
Can't find incriminating evidence nor good witnesses to make firm conclusion on the case. Maybe I ought to replay the game again (and find news article 3)

Bugs found:
1. "Killed by power fantasy" theory appeared on notepad even though Puppy hasn't met Ryan yet

Anyways, some suggestions:
1. Sort suspects, theories, location or anything by order they are found instead of current one. If you could, give option to sort them by finding order, alphabet etc
2. Add another tab in notepad listing all peoples met and talked to in the game. Photos would be nice to add :)
3. Tab for evidences should be divided into two, one for physical evidences and other for testimonies. Photos would be nice to add for the former :)
4. Allow Puppy to get something or talk to someone by left clicking directly. i.e if the target is far from Puppy, he'll walk toward them then get or talk when close enough
5. When Chief completed his dialogue and opens chance for player to conclude the case, give hint on how to do it and how to cancel it, if player changes his/her mind. Chief should be the one talking on this one

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