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A zombie survival shooter inspired by COD Black Ops. The zombies get slightly more HP, attack damage, and movement speed for every wave. Stronger guns spawn at higher waves. Hand guns and rifles will always spawn with a slight chance of a machine gun spawning early game. Magnum - Wave 3 Shotgun - Wave 5 Machine Gun - Wave 8 Chain Gun - Wave 13 Sniper - Wave 18 Flamethrower - Wave 24 There are white doors you can open by using points from damaging or killing zombies. Guns spawn randomly in a few selected rooms for each wave. Every time you kill a zombie, there is a slight chance for a max ammo item to drop, which gives max ammo to your primary and secondary gun. This game goes on forever, there is no end. Known Bugs: -You can get stuck in the white door/wall if you kill the last remaining zombie and stand where the door spawns.

Zombie House Arrest Demo
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