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Zen. Input and opinions welcome. Listen with headphones! First though let me give you an idea of what you feeling when you hear this. Years back I created a concept I called Dire (look up Dire in the dictionary and it describes my story quite well) and am working on it as a mod at the moment. My goal with it is to mix ambience and horror (and a lot of other things on top of that) in a way that has not been done yet, and in a way that doesnt take away or blemish either side of the spectrum. Picture any game that goes from 0-60mph, silent to intense and remains that way through an intense situation. Imagine the feeling you get when you either emerge or find a spot where you know for at least that moment, you are alive, or you are safe. That moment is Zen, and this song is what I would play during that moment. It keeps a creepy undertone in the background, but the lighter entrancing strings seem to overpower it...much like it would in the moment. Thoughts?


I tend to picture things in my head when I hear music and when I hear this I think of a factory, dark, cold, grim, metal constructions everywhere and when the 2 bright notes start interchanging, I think of like 2 colorful birds fly into the factory and fly around the ceiling and through the metal constructions and all the workers looking up and just staring, cause they've never seen anything as beautiful as a the 2 birds before.
Really like this song conveyes the feelings that you explained in the description.

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ThoughTMusic Author

Hey thanks a lot for that awesome description! I listed to it and thought of that and it was really surreal. Seriously I think one of the greatest pleasures of making music is hearing or seeing how it affects an environment or a person's thoughts or mood, etc. Thanks again for the comment that was great!

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