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Its the super alpha of WizardQuester, its only 1 and a half levels. just extract the .rar then run "WizardQuester.exe", also read the Readme.

WizardQuester Alpha 0.5
cork279 - - 563 comments

I know this is only an alpha, but I made a pros/cons list ;D

I really like the sprites. There nice, simple, and suited to the game.
I like the map on the first level. It has a good, fun layout.
Not much really. Considering it's an alpha, it's good.
Maybe make it more obvious where the sword is. I ran in without a weapon, though that may have just been my stupidity :P
No in-level music.

Can't wait for later versions, with more levels!

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mystic_swamp Author
mystic_swamp - - 35 comments

thanks for the feedback, I'm planing on adding music to levels, also i'll keep the thought of better item placement in mind.(lol it's kind of important)

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