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Warsow is a free standalone first person shooter game for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is based on the Qfusion 3D engine (a modification of the Quake 2 GPL engine), and aimed on the competitive scene, or the e-sports community. The base gameplay is focussed around the art of movement, meaning moving, speed and tricks play a big part in the gameplay. Besides this, map control, aim, teamplay and fragging skills play their role too. For the movement we've basically looked at four games: Quakeworld (legendary for it's speed), Quake3 CPMA, Jet Set Radio and Speedball. Visually, we try to cater to the fast gameplay Warsow provides. To keep the focus on competitive gaming, visibility is an important aspect in Warsow. Using a cel-shaded, cartoon-like style on the maps, textures, and models we try to combine good visibility, suitable for competitive gameplay, with having a unique, attractive and personal style. We try to keep the graphic effects minimalistic, clear and visible.

Warsow 0.42 Installer (Windows only)
darkTrickster - - 1 comments

I think its a good game...

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hangy Author
hangy - - 10 comments

Thanks! :)

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Alejo - - 2 comments

mmmm... at myyy JUJJJjahajdad cute girl !!!!!!!!!

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hangy Author
hangy - - 10 comments

Girl? Do you like robots? ;>

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westo532 - - 1 comments

when i click the icon it says failed to load opengl32.dll

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hangy Author
hangy - - 10 comments

This is a quite well-known problem. Please have a look at Warsow.net in order to see how to solve it. :) HTH

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cW#Ravenblood - - 6,703 comments

I played it, and.. awesome! Great shooter game and the player-skins are nice^^

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