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Its a very early demo version of SW:C from may 2010. It contains 3 levels, 2 types of enemies.

Very early Demo
Arkonviox - - 9 comments

I love the sprites, my only complaint is the background, it doesn't match the general art style of the game, I had a similar issue with my own game, your style is a lot like my own. You could always take the same background and use a graphic program like gimp (photoshop should be able to do this too) and convert the image to an indexed image of 5 colors, and set the dither to positioned. In gimp you would go to Image -> Mode -> Indexed, set the colors to 5 or more and set dither to positioned.

Check out my game Agartha and look at the gradient background for an example; I tried to use a gradient but it didn't fit the look of my game, so I did what I suggested to you and got something that fits the look of my game.

Just a suggestion I don't want to intrude, other than that I love the sprite work!

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ANtY93 Author
ANtY93 - - 166 comments

Thanks for that advice, ill try ur idea.

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