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The Verdict Mod Will Bring to you A few new items to the game such as ores, and flowers, all called "Techtic" items. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adds -Acid -Techtic Ore -Techtic Ingot -Techtic Flower -Techtic Flower Petals -Hardened Techtic Flower Petals -Smooth Techtic Flower Petals -Verdict Flag (On Underside Of Block) -Techtic Block -Techtic Shovel -Techtic Pickaxe -Techtic Axe -Techtic Hoe -Techtic Helmet -Techtic Chestplate -Techtic Leggings -Techtic Boots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: This mod is in the early stage of development and may not perform as The Creator of this mod intended it to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credits -Bluebomb2 -McCreator (Mod Creating Program)

Verdict Mod 1.0.0
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