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Modpack with ValheimPlus and Useful Mods for Valheim v0.210.6. This modpack can make your playtime more interesting. Meet the ValheimPlus - ultimate game changer, and Configuration Manager as Your Mod Assistance. Together they give power to make your Adventure Easy just for support your Creativity, ot on opposite way Turn Journey into Hellride with Constant Pain, with a lot of deaths and brutal fun. You Choose How to Play Valheim! Valheim Plus (With Customized Modded Settings) >>>Additional Mod List: Azu Admin Tool Better Archery Better Clubs Better Trader Configuration Manager Creature Level and Loot Control Custom Weapon Stats EpicLoot Extended Item Data Framework Fall Damage for Creatures Faster Boats Hook Gen Patcher Instant Monster Drop Jotunn Library Locator (with Merchant Locator) LumberJack Mod Max Dungeon Rooms Merchant Finder MMHOOK Recipe Config / Customizer RecipeX Simple Recycle Spawn That Valheim Raft Weapon Customizer

Valheim v0.210.6 Plus v0.9.9.8 with Additional Useful Mods (Beta2__Upd007.4)
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