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New: Magic Focal Point - a smaller and less effective version of the Magic Circle, but available early in the game. Still allows mages to combined their power into small rituals. New Events: Healing Rain - a gentle rain that slowly heals the injuries of pawns exposed to the rain, occurs only in ideal temperatures (20-30c) Demon Assault - the colony is assaulted by a demon (note: this event is disabled by default, use the mod options to enable it) New rituals: Name of the Wind - causes fierce winds on the map for several days Predators Rage - enrages all predators on the map and coerces them to attack your enemies, but their rage does not end with the fall of your enemies... Terrestrial Beacon - cause space objects to fall nearby, this can be any number of things... good or bad. Skeleton - animate a corpse to defend the colony for 5 days Healing Rain - a soothing shower washes the land and slowly heals any pawn exposed to the rain Nature's Gift - causes

TMagic v2.4.1.0
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