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--Fixed monk chi loss-- Tweaks: Druid Cure Disease now has a base success rate of 75% Monk Chi falloff rate decreased by 50%, Spirit Capacitor skill reduction is 20% per skill point (was 10%) Monks will gain a small amount of xp when expending chi during meditation to cure ailments Chronomancer will gain xp for making a prediction Bug fixes: Magic circle will now accept corpses from different species of humanlike pawns Magic circle will automatically accept all humanlike corpses in bill details, to include rotten Adds a map validation for lich's before using fog of torment Fixed Magic circle pawn positions for East and West rotations

TMagic v2.3.7.1
Beesunday - - 1 comments

Would you consider making blood pool for bloodmage, chi pool for monk, psy pool and all other 2nd resources pools for some of classes to be increased too, instead of only mana by adding skill point to focus or clarity or whatever characteristic, which they rely a lot less then that second resource they have?

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